About the Artist
I got interested in digital painting when I studied at the Berliner Technische Kunstschule (BTK)in Berlin. During the 4th semester I decided to take the course Digital Illustration and there I learned the basics of working with photoshop tools for digital art.
It was clear very early on, that I would dedicate myself for the niche of creating environments and landscapes.
I specialized myself in environment concept art exploration, space art, background art, experimental art. Especially, I place myself in the role of art exploration, since my way of work-flow is very experimental and I love happy accidents. Through this process of creative discovering, I get the most potential out of my mind.
Besides, in photography and image editing class, I learned the other tools in photoshop needed for photo editing, composing, optimization, masking, element removal etc.

  • Art Exploration: Environment art exploration, thumbnails, sketchpaintings, mock-ups
  • Space Art: Mainly space backgrounds and skyboxes
  • Photo Editing: Colour corrections, image optimization, retouching, composing, background removal etc.
  • Graphic Design: Environment art and backgrounds for posters, book covers, postcards and more, photo manipulation, typography lettering/layout.
  • Working with Software: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Basic HTML/CSS Understanding: Basic working with Adobe Dreamweaver, Microsoft Expression Web 4, Notepad++
  • Experience

    January 2014 until now

    Freelance Digital Artist / Designer

     Creating Promotional Paintings, Graphic Design, Concept Art, Backgound Art 

    November 2016 - January 2017

    State Museum Of Natural History Karlsruhe

    Background Art / Illustration for an exhibition named Amerika nach dem Eis - Mensch und Megafauna in der Neuen Welt. Background Art Environments and Landscapes

    August 2014 - May 2016

    The Art Of Daniel Schmelling Artbook

    Artbook Layout and Graphic Design 

    June 2015 - January 2017

    Concept Artist at Special Circumstances

    Background Art / Skyboxes, Nebulae, Starfields, Galaxies

    March 2015 - September 2016

    Concept Artist at CaveBear Games

    Promotional Art / Concept Art, Asset Art, Graphic Design

    January 2015 - March 2015

    T.S. Orgel - der Blausteinkrieg at Random House

    early concept art and scribbles fantasy novel.

    April 2014 - September 2014

    Graphic Design Print

    Art Platz Berlin Design Studio
     Graphic Design, Print, Illustration


    • Rates per piece/artwork range from 450 EUR up to 2000 EUR, plus fees for rights of use, depending on the project, service, client's budget, amount of work, etc.
    • Daily rates move between 200 EUR and 500 EUR, depending on same factors mentioned above.
    • Rights of use are calculated depending on the amount of rights assigned to the client. However, the artist/designer remains the author and reserves all the rights to his creations.  Rights of use are calculated in the following way:
    • geographic region:    local: 0,1    regional: 0,3    national: 0,6    europe: 1,0    international: 2,0
    • time period:    3 months: 0,1    1 year: 0,3    5 years: 0,6    10 years: 1,2    unlimited: 2,0
    • by content:    non-exclusive rights of use: 0,2-1,0

    exclusive rights of use

    ...without transfer of rights of use to third parties: 0,8-1,7

    ...with transfer of rights of use to third parties: 1,3-3,0

    value(geographic region) +

    value(time period) +

    value(by content) = total value for rights of use

    total value for rights of use x basic price = fee for rights of use

    Pricing for scribbles, thumbnails, sketches etc. are mostly included in base prices, but if the commission is sketching only, I calculate 22% to 45% of the minimum price. So at most cases, that would be around 100 EUR to 200 EUR.

    Pricing for photo editing, image optimization, colour corrections etc. depends on the service itself. A simple background removing or retouching, simple colour corrections and overall image optimization may be around 25 EUR to 50 EUR. More complex image editing tasks can go up to 500 EUR. Everything depends on negotioation and the individual client.

    If the client is not able to pay the full price upfront, he has the opportunity to pay in monthly or quarter year rates, which gives him more control over his financials.  Usually, I charge 50% upfront of the price before work starts. After the project is successfully finished, the other 50% are due upon delivery.

    Prices are not fixed and shall remain negotiable, but for high quality work there needs to be fair and proper payment. All the price dimensions mentioned above are to be understood according to costs of living. I do this business professionally for a living and not as a hobby or sideline. Therefore, I cannot accept any work offerings for free or for dumping prices.

    If you are interested in my service and would like to work with me, please contact me at daniel@schmellingdesign.de for further discussion and negotiation. 


    Daniel Schmelling
    Schmetterlingsring 3
    14532 Stahnsdorf
    USt-ID/VAT-ID.: DE301544058

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