About the Artist
I got interested in digital painting when I studied at the Berliner Technische Kunstschule (BTK)in Berlin. During the 4th semester I decided to take the course Digital Illustration and there I learned the basics of working with photoshop tools for digital art.
It was clear very early on, that I would dedicate myself for the niche of creating environments and landscapes.
I specialized myself in environment concept art exploration, space art, background art, experimental art. Especially, I place myself in the role of art exploration, since my way of work-flow is very experimental and I love happy accidents. Through this process of creative discovering, I get the most potential out of my mind.
Besides, in photography and image editing class, I learned the other tools in photoshop needed for photo editing, composing, optimization, masking, element removal etc.

  • Art Exploration: Environment art exploration, thumbnails, sketchpaintings, mock-ups
  • Space Art: Mainly space backgrounds and skyboxes
  • Photo Editing: Colour corrections, image optimization, retouching, composing, background removal etc.
  • Graphic Design: Environment art and backgrounds for posters, book covers, postcards and more, photo manipulation, typography lettering/layout.
  • Working with Software: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Basic HTML/CSS Understanding: Basic working with Adobe Dreamweaver, Microsoft Expression Web 4, Notepad++
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    Daniel Schmelling
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